Various activities are planned for the commemoration of the two hundredth anniversary of his birth.    

  • Publish a new biography of Louis Appia.
  • A scientific publication of Louis Appia’s correspondence.
  • To organize a scientific colloquium which will bring together about 60 historians, participants from academic circles and research circles interested in the humanitarian vocation of Geneva, around the life and work of Louis Appia.     
  • Place a commemorative plaque at number 5 Calvin Street where Louis Appia lived so many years and where he died on March 1, 1898.     
  • Organize  a commemoration in Hanau, the birth place of Louis Appia.     
  • To propose the issue of a commemorative stamp.    
  • Organize a study trip to the Appia’s places of origin in the Piedmont valleys.     
  • Organize a study tour to Hanau and Frankfurt.


Upcoming events