Research and dissemination

The activities of the Louis Appia Society revolve around the two axes of research and dissemination.    

  • Organization of scientific colloquium that are an opportunity to gather around the life and work of Louis Appia, historians, participants from academic circles and research circles interested in the humanitarian vocation of Geneva.
  • Installation of commemorative plaques in places in Geneva and Italy where Louis Appia was active.    
  • Commemoration in Hanau, the birth place of Louis Appia.     
  • Presentation of an exhibition of twenty panels in French, English and Italian.    
  • German translation of the Report on the War of Schleswig, which is one of the major texts of Louis Appia: Die Verwundeten von Schleswig im Krieg von 1864, by Rainer Schlösser.     
  • Organisation of study trips to historical sites in Bezzecca, Val Tiarno, Solferino, Castiglione, Cavriana, Borghetto, Lonato, Madona della Scoperta and Hanau.
  • Participation in a commemoration in Torre Pellice, the region of origin of the Appia family.
  • Installation of busts of Louis Appia in Geneva, Germany and France.
  • Exhibition on Henry Dunant and Louis Appia in Alfortville near Paris.

Work in progress and projects

  • Publication of a new biography of Louis Appia by Roger Durand.
  • Publication of Louis Appia’s correspondence with Clara Barton.    
  • Translation into German or Italian of major texts by Louis Appia.     
  • OColloquium on faith and spiritual commitment of Louis Appia, but also of Georges and Henry Appia.